Hi everyone! The Prank Call Nation & Madhouse Live sites are under a ddos attack right now. They will be back up soon. If a show is on right now, you should hear it playing in the Mixlr player at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to check on prankcallnation.com occasionally to see if it's back up. If it's not, visit PCN's Facebook and PCN's Twitter and PCN's Mixlr. And don't forget to include PCN in your prayers each night. We could definitely use the prayers in these trying times.

If you like the jerks at PLA, you should take a look at PLA's Facebook, PLA's Twitter, PLA's Main YouTube page, PLA Full Shows YouTube page, Snow Plow Show on Facebook, and PLA on Tumblr.

Other super important links include JagTV's Mixlr, Madhouse's Facebook, Laugh Track Matt's Mixlr, Brent Westwood's Facebook, and of course, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.