Episode 443 – Matt Z’s Saturday Morning Mall Walk

Today’s live show is brought to you by Matt Z!  We tried doing a few homeowner calls but those didn’t work out, so we switched to telling mall employees crazy stories.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 443 – Matt Z’s Saturday Morning Mall Walk”

  1. Excellent leveling/audioing Brad. I can listen to this in the background while I sleep now. That’s really sad. Ignore that I said that. I’m an hour and forty five minutes into a two hour show. Good job.

  2. I got a stupid idea while listening to this show but i think it’d be funny

    Basically RoyCo gets automated- you guys are using robots or machines to do roofs/lawns so you can save money. But the robot went to the wrong house or used the wrong chemical. Or it just malfunctioned and punched holes in the roof. Some craziness like that.

    Thanks for all the shows this week

  3. That’s a good one Cody. I will do that one soon. I could even use my robot voice and put the robot on the phone to apologize.

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