TSPS Episode 474 – Flushface Friday

Here’s Friday’s live show, where we see what a few more apartment managers think of our Will It Flush YouTube channel. This episode is brought to you by Miguel F, Bearded Dave, Efin Reality, Random, and Serial Shitter.

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5 thoughts on “TSPS Episode 474 – Flushface Friday”

  1. Thanks for more will it Flush goodness. All the PLA fans seem to love them.

    1. Casper, 6.55 MHz crystals were used to convert those radio shack pocket tone dialers into a redbox (before DVD’s, not that kind of redbox), back in the day. You simply disassembled the dialer, desoldered the crystal (used to create the DTMF tones) and replaced it with a 6.55 MHz xtal. Those model dialer’s had 3 programmable memories. One would use the asterix to create the proper tone. First memory would be one tone to represent a nickel, second memory programmed as dime and third as quarter.

      If you are familiar with Brad’s April Fools joke about replacing a crystal in a toaster (giggle…), it is likely much inspired by the simple task described above that was necessary to create a working redbox in the 90’s.

  2. What about flushing.

    Mcdonald Fries and big mac
    Bottles of pepsi
    Wood Chippings
    Out of date food
    Cheese and Onion crisps
    Cheesy Puffs
    Eggs, with heat
    Human poop from the 1990s.

    Smell you later.

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