The Snow Plow Show Episode 706 – Walls Of Electrical Panels

Here’s one of those shows where I’m like “I’m going to try that just one more time” and then I keep doing it for an hour. You can blame Eric W, Sean L, Jamie F, Earnie M, and Chaz A for all of my lies.

00:00 The background music during the really old and really long opening prank is by Apollo and Quickfireyt.

00:30 Show art by Sean L. who visited the beautiful paradise of Roy, New Mexico recently.

11:15 The intro song is by Joe DiVita

12:50 Intro Talky Talk time. The background music is SSH To Your Heart by Dale Chase.

14:10 I was on Dwight’s show. Go Listen.

14:43 I was on Devon’s show. Go listen.

15:07 The pranks finally begin.

58:25 So many voicemails. Background music is still SSH To Your Heart by Dale Chase.

01:02:05 Call into the PLA TNI Machine Machine at 505-608-6123.

01:04:54 The Prank Call Call Center

01:08:11 Looks like I only posted Prank Tapes on Patreon. Go listen!

01:15:15 Goodbye forever, old apartment!

01:17:29 The ending song is Factory Song ABVGDeyka by The Great Rappy McRapperson.

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2 thoughts on “The Snow Plow Show Episode 706 – Walls Of Electrical Panels”

  1. Brad I’ve been relistening to your backlog and god do I feel old but also nostalgic. I miss the pizza, cinema and barbershop calls!

    I had a few ideas you might be able to use now without needing customer numbers:

    1. Call barbershops as the Trump 2024 campaign claiming you’re collecting blonde hair so that you can start making Trump dolls for the campaign.

    2. Call as the HoA and ask residents to donate their hair to you, for whatever reason. Also ask if they’re furries. No furries in the neighbourhood.

    3. Call up barbershops as Carol accusing them of making a voodoo doll of her husband (i.e. you, maybe make noises in the background). You could just call and ask for hair to make your own dolls, but I don’t think that would go down well.

    4. Unrelated but call trailer homes/landlords/apartments claiming you’re building your own cell towers because you don’t trust 5G and want your own bespoke service. Or maybe claim it will protect you from covid, an anti-covid tower or so.

    Anyway, appreciate what you’re doing Brad, hope you’re doing good!

  2. One more, you could call a barbershop and claim you’re a fortune teller that can read a person’s future from the pattern their hair has fallen in on the ground, and ask the barber to describe the current pattern on the ground.

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