Show Archive 2013

In 2013 I’d been doing occasional audio-only shows again and in May I started calling them The Snow Plow Show. Below are the 2013 archives of The Snow Plow Show. These do NOT include the occasional audio shows I was doing up until this point. Those are probably on YouTube or something.

05-28-2013 – While My Keytar Gently Weeps: It’s a new Snow Plow Show! But don’t get your hopes up, because it’s not the old Snow Plow that you all know and love. I should have explained this on the show, but I forgot, so I’m going to do it here instead. The old style of Snow Plow is dead because I don’t like doing that format for YouTube. It’s way too much effort. And I’ve been doing a lot of live shows lately, calling them random things like the Brent Westwood Pre-Show, the Madhouse Pre-Cum Show, the 4Loko and Tortilla Chips Show, etc. I’m sure that’s a little confusing for some people. So I’m just going to call any live show I do the Snow Plow Show. I’m stealing the name from myself. Yay!

05-31-2013 – Glory Holes and Bees: Some reference checks are done, we have a fund raiser for Carlito, I premiere a song for sl0th, apartment calls are made, way too much music is played.

06-05-2013 – Rappy McRapperson Cohosts:

06-11-2013 – Back to the Fifties: This show is sponsored by Aaron, Uncle Remus (the most leetest hax0r ever), David K., Victor B., Aric H., and royalewithcheez! Thanks for donating, you guys!

06-15-2013 – Foursquare and Yelp Checkins: This is an unplanned Saturday night show. It was fun. Originally it was over 3 hours long, but it’s been edited down to under 90 minutes. That’s how much sucky, boring stuff was in it. Aren’t you glad you missed the live show?

06-26-2013 – Selling Things To The Chinese Government: Did you know you can have your very own Obey The Cactus t-shirt? Click on the shirt above to get one. This episode is brought to you by!

06-29-2013 – NooNoo’s Midget Show (and the Rappy show): Fair warning on this one – nothing really amazing happens during this show. Some breakers are shut off during the second half, but that’s about it. Only listen to this show if you’re really really bored.

07-09-2013 – There Goes The Neighborhood:

07-13-2013 – Quadcopters and Cute Puppydog Mailboxes:

07-20-2013 – Twitter Complainers: Here’s a show that happened immediately after Brent Westwood’s Saturday night show and lasted until 11am the next morning!

07-24-2013 – Old Forum Calls:

07-27-2013 – Yo Holmes to Bel-Air: This show got off to a slow start because none of the Twitter complainers were picking up except for a couple of them that weren’t funny. You might notice some references to things that were cut out. I removed nearly all of the Twitter complaining stuff so you don’t have to listen to an hour of fail. The guitar solo at around 6 minutes indicates the first hour of the show that I cut out. More than THREE HOURS was cut from the live show for the podcast feed. There was a lot of people not answering and a lot of music, so you’re not missing much.

08-07-2013 – I’ve Got The Same Combination on my Luggage!: All my attempts at calling Twitter people is a big fail.

08-10-2013 – Home Alone: This show starts out really slow, for the first 5 hours or so, but it’s worth it because RBCP gets married in this show. I edited about half of the boringness from this show, but it’s still pretty long and boring. Just skip this one. Don’t even listen. Why bother.

08-14-2013 – Gerbil Herbal Organic Brained Psychos:

08-19-2013 – RIP Irene:

08-24-2013 – The Park Dude and Staci Five Hour Extravaganza: This show lasted 4 hours and 57 minutes. Let’s see how small it gets cut down to by the time I’m done with editing.

09-04-2013 – PINs and Door Codes: This show is brought to you by and includes about a half dozen tenants from hell pranks!

09-07-2013 – Tight Boxes and Flux Capacitors:

09-12-2013 – Free Water Every Single Day:

09-16-2013 – The Hilarious Person on Earth: The Zax statements in this episode are false. It was actually Jave from Iowa who sponsored this show. Shut up, Zax!

09-21-2013 – The Jave Boxes Show: Here’s the late late late Saturday show, which started I think after midnight. If you hate it, blame Jave, our sponsor.

09-25-2013 – Butt Street: In this episode of the Snow Plow Show, a divine intervention by God connects RBCP to a tenant who thinks he’s a landlord. Thanks, God!

10-01-2013 – Tabachi’s Gutter Spouts:

10-05-2013 – Just 10 More Minutes, Billman: In this episode we mostly call people who’ve ordered dumb, useless things from catalogs.

10-16-2013 – The Noon Show: Tonight, SAM Broadcaster is broken, so RBCP and NotBrad are only broadcasting on Mixlr and YouTube. It’s like we’re hobos. This is a really long show. I did manage to edit about an hour off of it, but it’s still long and I’m too lazy to do any more with it. So just enjoy it!

10-19-2013 – The MC Ohm-I Hour: Thanks for the above picture, Johnicek! I’m calling this show The MC Ohm-I Hour because I think there was more of his music in this episode than pranks. Be thankful that you missed this show live because you won’t have to listen to the nearly 2 hours of boring stuff that I removed from the final edit. And the hour that’s left isn’t much better. Gawd, why even bother listening to this. Abort! Abort!

10-24-2013 – R.I.P. Ty:

11-08-2013 – Goodbye, Blockbuster: RBCP calls a poor old woman and tells her that he’s in a tunnel under her basement, gets her to pound the walls, wander around in the street, and do a lovely rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that he put to karaoke music.  He shuts down a few Blockbuster stores by telling them demolition crews are on the way and gets onto a corporate conference call where he says disgusting obscenities until they mute everyone for good.  The rest of the episode was mainly just Blockbuster calls to try and get them to shut down the store, with a few successes.  A few followup call where RBCP tries to convince them that their number was the one that said obscenities in the conference call, but nobody believes it.  Sadly, the password was not “cactus.”

11-13-2013 – Roy and Staci Make Signs in the Morning:

11-16-2013 – Ideas By xFIRSTx:

11-29-2013 – 2013 Madhouse 24 Hour Prank-A-Thon – The Brad and Staci Hours: This is Roy and Staci’s show, which happened during the 24 hour marathon on There’s a LOT of us just talking in this and really no amazing pranks happen until about an hour into the show where Staci is in Wal-Mart and tells me who to call. You should skip to 1 hour and 7 minutes to hear what happens with that, because it’s pretty funny. And then go look at Staci’s YouTube and send her a message asking why the hell the video isn’t up yet.

12-06-2013 – Snow Day:

12-13-2013 – Calls From Prison: Here’s a morning show that happened on Friday The 13th where I tried to make prank calls after playing a message that I’m calling them from prison.

12-20-2013 – Jingle Cats: This show is sponsored by Perth. Thanks for the support, Perth!

12-28-2013 – NotBrad Returns: Tonight, SAM Broadcaster is broken, so RBCP and NotBrad are only broadcasting on Mixlr and YouTube. It’s like we’re hobos. This is a really long show. I did manage to edit about an hour off of it, but it’s still long and I’m too lazy to do any more with it. So just enjoy it!