Music of The Snow Plow

Below is a very incomplete list of links that will help you find songs that were made for the Snow Plow Show podcast. If you know of an artist or link that I’m missing, please let me know, or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Mano 1 has made a few songs for the show and turned them into a Bandcamp EP that you can download for free.

Vista Blue not only made music for the show, but he organized a bunch of others who’ve made music for the show to put out an album together. The album comes in vinyl, digital, and as a compact disc. You should buy this album to support the artists.

Yes, I know there are many more to add onto here. Cactus Smoke, Rappy, and a bunch of others. If you know of links or other information I should add here, email it to me or leave information that I should add to this page in the comments below. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Music of The Snow Plow”

  1. the 2017 Media Pack torrent has no seeds and the trackers are all not working, i’m looking for “Free Water Chiptunes” by Christofer, would be so nice to have this song

  2. I’m looking for Shiftypop’s intro song but I can’t find it by itself anywhere!! Darmok and Jalad on the ocean!!!

  3. Hey RBCP! After months of having it stuck in my head, I have been trying to locate the electronic synth version of Shiftypop’s intro song! It was used alot on older shows and calls. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Hey Roy do you have that put your panties back on song you played it on one of the recent episodes

    1. I don’t know what song that is. If you let me know which show it’s in and where it’s at I might be able to figure it out. Also, I usually put the song info in the description of the show.

        1. Now you gotta let him know where it’s at in the episode you referenced…

  5. Hey there, I’m looking for a song that is probably by Emergency Pizza Party and also has rappy in it and they’re rapping about sushi and pizza and other foods. Can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Found it for anyone wondering. It’s called Dogs are weird and it’s by Emergency pizza party. It was on the end of the snow plow show episode 392.

  6. Where can I find your version of Deeper Underground? Can’t seem to find it or remember an episode where you played it.

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