Snow Plow Producer

I’m quickly throwing this page together. Imagine one of those blinking “website under construction” things here like you used to see on Geocities. I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple of years now. This is a page for people who like to take audio from my show and make cool things with it. Most of my shows are recorded in split-track audio, where my audio is on one channel and the Roycipient is on the other channel. Here are links to some of that on my Dropbox…

Here is Directory #1 of split track files

Here is Directory #2 of split track files

Here is the directory of Roycipients saying hilarious things\

The live shows are rarely in split track, but most everything else is. The newest shows won’t be in these directories. I usually do monthly dumps of all the files into those split track directories. If you need them sooner, bug me to hurry up and move them over. Sometimes the dates on the shows will be off by a day, because I sometimes take a day to post the show.

Thank you for making things!