Strange Things Are Afoot

Howdy everyone that happens to notice this.  Don’t panic.  I’m doing something here.   I’ll have things fully set up soon and things should continue to work just like they always have.

The tentative plan is something like this… Episodes of SPS will be posted here and then I’ll use a wordpress plugin to automatically syndicate them over to  So you’ll still be able to use either of the feeds you’ve been using.  You might notice some weird posts coming up in your feeds that quickly get deleted as I figure shit out.

The Snow Plow Show needs its own site to make things less confusing.  I know SPS had its own site before, sort of, and I tore it down and mirrored it to earlier this year.  That was a big dumb mistake.  I’m going to fix everything for reals this time.  I’m from the corporate office so you can trust me.



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