TSPS Episode 466 – In Search of Sound Bites

Trailer Mobile home parks are brought back again, in hopes of finding some good sound clips to stick into a song.  I’m not sure if I was successful, but at least I had fun trying.  This episode is brought to you by Jennifer8cacti, Sean L, Lord and Lady of Veggies, Michael W, and David J.


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7 thoughts on “TSPS Episode 466 – In Search of Sound Bites”

  1. Only call to a “Roy” I recall is to an elderly man in the 90s. RBCP tried to get Roy to come pick him up at the park and claimed he wet his pants.

  2. Oh yeah, I sort of remember that one. That was my friend Zak talking to Roy. I was on the line too, but I don’t think I said anything to him.

  3. That call and the theater line hack were my introduction tho PLA, Time sure does y as that must have been 2000-2001??

  4. To the fine gentleman who treated us with the “Marshmallow Song”, you should get an automatic slot on PLA America Idol.

  5. Hey Brad!
    Is this song made downloadable anywhere? I didn’t see it listed on the songs page?

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