TSPS Episode 530 – International Sign of The Ninja

Today is that same old shtick of people LOOKING at Sensei Doug and it’s brought to you by Stantrucker, ArbitraryAlex, iregretjumping, Rumpled Foreskin, and Jamie F. Praise Ed!

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3 thoughts on “TSPS Episode 530 – International Sign of The Ninja”

  1. What up roy, Been listening to your show on and off for a long long time. I like your rousting technics and sense of humor. Reminds me of myself and the way i see things (See It !) one thing i loved to do back in the day was fucking with people on the phone for hours. All we had then was phone book or the daily news and other whatnots. Use to like to call people who posted in classified ads under lost pets( Mostly dogs) We would get them so pissed off and confused telling them all kinds of stupid shit(Were gonna eat it or kidnaped it ,we sold it,wehatever) sometimes tell them we are playing the game operation on there pet. They dident like that at all.. But all we had to use was regular phone (hard line) back then,so we would go to other peoples house and use there phone whithout them knowing and when done just unplug the phone so no call backs till we were gone. We were kids so almost always when the people we called would call back the parents would answer and get laid into about a bunch of nonsence. It was was great everybodys parents hated us but could never prove we did anything. After a while we were not allowed in anybodys house and if we were we had to empty our pockets and bags when going in n out of the house. Because we also use to always hide the remote controls,silverware,pills,toilet paper,car keys,pens,important papers,mail,exc. Plus change the time on all clocks open windows if possible sometimes if we did not like the person pee in the drinks or in the corner of a room if they had dark carpet.And alot of other whatnots. Great times . Alright much to long gotta go now..Later on fruit cake..

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