TSPS Episode 559 – Ninja Training

Normally only senseis and their advanced students are able to experience the elite secret ninja training regimen, but on today’s Snow Plow Show we’re giving you a peek at exactly what it’s like. If any ninjas out there have a problem with this, please direct your ninja stars and nunchucks to TokeusPocus, Lord and Lady of Veggies, Miguel F, warezwolf, and ArbitraryAlex.

I didn’t complain about this in the show, but I have to complain here. The 45 minutes of mediocre calls in this show are taking from nearly FOUR HOURS of calls to shopping centers. If you hate today’s show, please keep in mind that I edited out over 3 hours of the crappier ones so you didn’t have to hear them. That weird bit at the very end is from one of the failed calls.

  • Show art by Nik at scary-art.com
  • Background music during baby store prank is by MicroKORGI and Quickfireyt, intro song by Jeff B, background music after into by Karterpiller, background music during pranks is SSH To Your Heart by Dale Chase, background music during the voicemails is by The Fish Who Saved The Planet, ending song is Hobo 4 Life by B.A. Johnston.


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One thought on “TSPS Episode 559 – Ninja Training”

  1. These guys take time out of their lives to prank call people for a small audience at least once a month. These people are awesome!

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