TSPS Episode 614 – The Grandma Challenge

Several listeners email me their grandma’s phone number so I can impersonate them and make things awkward for all involved. I didn’t really succeed in this show, but I had fun trying. I also knock out a wall in my apartment and change a guy’s phone number, completely ruining his already shitty day. This show is brought to you by Brown Magic, The Real Krazy Kraz, Chris J, Earnie M, and Synthead.

  • Show art by Nik Caesar at scary-art.com
  • Intro song by Dan
  • Here’s the video that one of my Starbucks calls was taken from to train future employees
  • I’m a dummy, I thought 613 was Massachusetts, but it’s not. I guess I was thinking of 617.
  • Background music during the opening prank is by Apollo and QuickfireYT, background music during the opening talking stuff is SSH To Your Heart by Dale Chase, background music during the pranks is Forest Of Wonder by Philter (thanks for that one, Cat!), background music during the voicemails is Comfortably Numb by Josh Cohen, the ending song is Me And My Grandma Went To Prison Together by Rappy McRapperson.


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5 thoughts on “TSPS Episode 614 – The Grandma Challenge”

  1. Thank you for the sticker update letting us know that you are done with the stickers. Making a note of this in my weekly letter to my grandparents.

    Thank you,

    1. U r smart but did u know PayPal is pretty much a bank and it gives u a checking account period Ye I fell for that Too

      1. I will not be your roycipient, Anonymous. I am hanging up on this prank comment.

        Thank you,

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