TSPS Episode 616 – Post Office Policies

It’s time to revisit the days of my youth, back when I’d call up post office customers and tell them to install wheelchair ramps and let them know about the new eBox that the post office is installing in front of their house. This is brought to you by Jimdusky, AK Frost, goby, kristine! and Todd L.

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8 thoughts on “TSPS Episode 616 – Post Office Policies”

  1. File 2013-08-10_snow_plow_show_home_alone.mp3 59:25 onwards.

    You hacked an answering machine by pressing all the buttons at once. Have you ever been tempted to call back a number to see if you can listen to the full message or even see how the family is doing? I wondered what Jose Gonzales was going to say. You know you want to see how he is doing. Go for it. The FBI loves it when felons break the law again. And this time the FBI would really be involved.

  2. Mailbox Pranks:

    1.) They need to calibrate their mailbox position for drone delivery. Have them put their phone in the mailbox for 30 seconds while they’re on the line to triangulate coordinates.

    2.) You’ve received their mail in the annual “mail-swap program” that motivates neighbors to get introduced to each other. Explain all the mail you receive and defend it like your embarrassed about it. (Playboy and other porn magazines, etc.)

    3.) They need to leave dog biscuits in their mailbox everyday now because the post office has trained 100 German Shepard’s to replace mailmen.

  3. The post office call about building all the mailboxes on one person’s lawn was great. They call them “community mailboxes” here and when the post office tried to convert old neighborhoods to use them people were protesting and going crazy.

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