TSPS Episode 618 – Grandmas and Bowling Balls

This show starts out with a couple of calls to listener grandmas, then quickly turns into a bunch of bequeathing from dead relatives. This show is sponsored by Another Prank Call Show, MistaJohn, Niko B,HeyyLyn6969, and Icelandic Potato.

  • Show art by Nadia
  • Have this Fiverr guy do a prank call for you
  • Background music during the opening prank is by Apollo and Quickfirety, background music during the pranks is My Dog Lives On The Moon by Nagz, background during the voicemails is The Devils Train by The Lab Rats, the ending song is This Is The Way We Ball by Rappy McRapperson.


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6 thoughts on “TSPS Episode 618 – Grandmas and Bowling Balls”

  1. Bequeath yourself. Tell them that your dad/mum/etc died and in their will it said they were now your new dad/mum/etc.

  2. Call someone and tell them that you gave their number to a guy or girl as you didn’t want to give them your real number, but changed your mind. So you need them to change their answering machine or voice mail message. Or if they won’t, tell them to pretend to be your assistant who will take a message as you are in the bathroom or at lunch.

    When they say no, accuse them of not wanting to help you find love.

  3. Hey Steve Dave Brad Dobalina! You should call golf courses and tell them all their sprinklers are on and are flooding their golf course and somebody is using one of those big sprayers to spray your yard with dangerous chemicals and they ran over your pets or something crazy like that!

    1. Act like you live like right near or next to golf course, tell them people keep hitting you with the golf balls when your laying in your back yard and that the golfers come in your yard when they hit bad shots looking for their balls and give you the snake eyes

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