TSPS Episode 644 – Dandelions

Today I’m back in the situation room to tell all of my listeners about the many benefits of dandelions vs. grass. Dandelions have a multitude of uses, which you will learn all about in this 90 minute seminar, which is brought to you by our sponsors Jasey M, Rhonk, MistaJohn, Farfegnügen, and Cody NoName.


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6 thoughts on “TSPS Episode 644 – Dandelions”

    1. Corbin Corbin Oh Corbin…you need to be on one of RBCP’s shows so that your hunger gets quenched

  1. 8 out of ten Doughnut shop owners recommend the Snow Plow Show to listen to while stuffing your anus with an assorted dozen dog nuts.

  2. Methinks SteveDave has a secret phone boner for Tim Henson, mmm hmm.

    DV is as funny as hell, listening just feels wrong afterward. Maybe time will gently stretch my podcast sphincter so I can endorse its full girth and not feel guilty anymore. Yeah, baby.

    Great show BTW, the reading random facts off of a card on the fly you need to do again. The thing I like best about your shows is the stunned confusion you always instil in people.

    Daffodils, daffodils, mothafucker

  3. I almost made the chicago meetup.. and damn.. i didnt go.. longtime lurker.. carlitos death hit me hard bro.. thanks for the community and thanks for being the head of it you always will be in my eyes

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