TSPS Episode 660 – Whoop Whoop Skiddely WOOP

Today I do my long-awaited Cart Narcs impersonation episode, telling random customers that they were recently spotted not putting their carts away like a big ole lazybones. This show is NOT affiliated with the amazing Cart Narcs of YouTube. I am simply a fan of theirs, trying to spread the good word of human decency to the few people the Cart Narcs haven’t reached yet. When the Cart Narcs file their cease and desist, please include the following show sponsors in your complaint: Raiden Digital, Inspector Ratchet, Todd L , EET FUK, and Grumpy Bernard.


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6 thoughts on “TSPS Episode 660 – Whoop Whoop Skiddely WOOP”

    1. me,

      Basically, the prankiverse is a roycipient’s lawn sown with dandelion bulbs. Many grow into yellow dandelions, these become Snow Plow Shows – it’s just that sometimes one grows larger and more beautiful to become a really great show. Many grow into your good old averge respectable dandelion – they look nice in the lawn with maybe one or two awesome petals. Ocasionally one dies, that’s where someone paranoid like crosswalk complainer guy gets Google to scrub the show from Youtube and they send Chad over with the grasskiller. Sometimes one grow into a rarer white dandelion – these become Mr. Dobalina episodes.

      Maybe this episode was just planted in the shade, or near the entrance to the tunnels.

  1. I dunno man in a time where nobody is really going to the store, I think these calls went about as well as they could have.

  2. Ah, so that’s what the skiddely woop thing was in the last show. I’m just old, thought Gas Station Encounters was the next greatest thing until I realised everyone at work had already seen it…

    I think the real question here is, how is cart narcs guy still alive? Confronting dumb lazy people about being dumb and lazy doesn’t seem particularly safe.

    Last few shows have made me realise how weird I am…I have a dumb nice car that I park a million miles from anywhere out of paranoia, and I hate dumb lazy people like the cart narcs seb-cipients so much that I shop late at night to avoid them. Hell, maybe I just hate people full stop.

    Trolley DNA car ding calls might work – you’re from 23andme insurance and you found their DNA on a trolley that hit your client’s car. Maybe.

    1. Sorry, just re-read this. Typed the word ‘trolley’ cause I’m like English, innit. Meant to say ‘Cart’ As in CART. That’s C as in Cue, A as in Aisle…

      Still think the cart DNA ding idea might work, you found a trace of their DNA when you swabbed the handle, so even if they’re not the last one who left the cart where it dinged your client’s car, they’re guilty in your eyes damnit.

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