TSPS Episode 692 – You’re Not Bart

Today I accuse a few people of not being themselves, even though they probably actually were themselves. I also try to sell some non-shitty signs and inform a couple of sign owners about some tragedies their signs caused. Oh yeah, and don’t forget Jose! Do you think there was a guy in the back seat being oddly quiet during all of that because he’s the one who sent me Jose’s number? This episode is possible because of Patreon supporters like The Anti Chris, HeyyLyn6969, Inspector Ratchet, Simspeak, and Brennan.

Here’s the tweet of old Phone Show notes that I mentioned at some point in the show.

02:09 Intro Song by Joe DiVita

03:26 Background music is Forest Of Wonder by Philter

04:14 Listen to Devon’s show that I was on the end of

04:48 Get a vinyl record of Snow Plow Show music that is NOT MY OWN KICKSTARTER. Mine will be later this year.

06:12 If you know where to find the Erik Verducci prank calls, leave a comment here, or a voicemail, or send them to show@snowplowshow.com. I’ll post the track list at the bottom of this page. Maybe that’ll help others Googling for him share what they have.

07:24 The HoA of No Return was put together by me. It’s originally called Forest Of No Return and is from everyone favorite childhood movie, Babes In Royland.

07:33 Let the prank calling begin. 

10:00 Today’s show art is by Nik Caesar from scary-art.com

39:23 The background music is Punch The Wall by Rappy McRapperson

54:09 The Epic Voicemails. Background music is Forest Of Wonder by Philter. I didn’t let psycho man do voicemails with me because I want to live.

54:24 The background music is Unity by TheFatRat but not by TheFatRat it’s by some YouTube piano guy.

01:01:10 Listen to all of the prank call shows

01:01:34 The ending song is Rapping on the Mike To Tell The World I’m A Loser by Rappy McRapperson


Below are the track lists from various Erik Verducci prank calls and albums. If you know where to find these, leave a comment here, or send an email to show@snowplowshow.com. Thanks!

Daniel Carver at 3 AM 
I Need Some Toilet Paper 
Unplug Your ATM 
Fun With Pay Phones 
I’d Like To Put My .357 To Your Head 
I’m Sorry, I Won’t Call You Again 
More Fun With Pay Phones 
Random Call To A Drunk 
The Reefer Mechanic 
12 Seconds in Chinatown 
73 Pounds of Shrimp, Part 2 
Answering Machine Message 
Be My Friend 
Bill Collector 
Call Screening 2 
Call Screening
Calling Card Ripoff 
Calling Crooked Phone Companies 
Can I Hook Up With Your Woman? 
Canadian Karaoke
Disgrace To Jersey, Part 2 
Disgrace To Jersey, Part 3 
Disgrace To Jersey 
Doesn’t Take Her Long To Crack 
El Camino [Outro] 
Fake Leg 
Fat White Gangster Bitch, Part 2 
Fat White Gangster Bitch 
Fixing The Past 
Free Pie 
Fun-Loving Telemarketer 
How To Make Friends 
I Ain’t Crazy 
I Am At A Payphone 
I Will Kill The Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, and Gays 
If You Misdial 
Is Clark There? 
Jesus Loves You 
Jodi, The Nice Canadian [Part 1] 
Jodi, The Nice Canadian [Part 2] 
Lil Coco’s Answering Machine 
Love From The Hood 
Making Friends With Lesbians 
Merry Christmas 
Mistress Sandra 
Newspaper Telemarketer 
Printing Company 
Random Restaurant 
Sexy Sniper Goddess 
She Just Keeps Talking 
South Central Angst 
Telemarketer 01 
Telemarketer 02 
Telemarketer 03 
Telemarketer 04 
Telemarketer 05 
Telemarketer 06 
Telemarketer 07 
Telephone Harassment 
The Promo 
The Stoned Canadian 
Twisted Phone Sex, Part 2 
Twisted Phone Sex 
Unhappy Bill Collector 
Video Late Fees 
Wake Up 
You Page 
Your Friend is in the Hospital 
11 Boring Minutes 
300-Pound Fat Man on Acid 
Can We Rub On Your Titties? 
Fucking With People From Reality Shows 
Fucking With Spammers 
Let Me Talk to the Lesbians 
Mutant Toes 
Pig’s Feet 
Random Bar 
Satellite Porn 
Who Are You People? 
You Shouldn’t Have Called Us 
Two Cases of Paper Clips 
73 Pounds of Shrimp, Part 3 
Don’t Mess With My Woman 
Nobody Here Ordered Any Pizzas 
Your Tires Are In 
Twenty Taco Bells 

Erik Verducci: Phone Terrorism (2003)

Collect Call 
The Security Guard 
Security Guard’s Boss 
Security Guard, One Week Later 
Continuous Misdial 
The Virgin 
Smoke Shop 
Dumb Club Whores, Part 1 
The Bridal Shop 
Gonorrhea, That’s All 
Internet Café 
Another Smoke Shop 
Who The Fuck Is Elliott? 
Backwoods Boy 
The End 

Erik Verducci: Everyone Needs A Hobby (2004)

The Girls’ Bathroom 
Angry Larry 
Random Call To Compton 
Let Me Talk To Bobby 
73 Pounds of Shrimp 
Pizza, Part 2 
The Incoherent Plumber 
Sucky Sucky 
The Late Shift 
I Just Want To Hook Up 
Pizza, Part 3 
Shit Fire [KKK Country Boy] 
Play Some Games With Me 
My Goddamn 11 
This Isn’t Richie Jr. 
Random Call to a Trailer Park 
Trailer Park Follow-Up 
Shows Over Seymore

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One thought on “TSPS Episode 692 – You’re Not Bart”

  1. I’m looking for my old flash drive that has all Erick Verducci and el effe or I guess zack calls. Has a shit tone of stuff on it. Even calls of carlito before Madhouse. I’m on it!!!! Heckathorn out!!!!!

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