The Snow Plow Show Episode 715 – Charlie Bucket (FIXED)

This show has a bunch of requests in it, including number changes, ugly plastic chairs, rent-a-car customers, and I ruin a few pranks. The following people are to blame for everything: YA BOY JOHN CENA, Synthead, Plaas, kristine!, and ArbitraryAlex.

00:00 An old California drought prank from a few years ago. The background music by MicroKORGI and Quickfireyt.
01:00 Show art by Olga
03:32 Intro song by Shiftypop. I also layered my own Casio rendition of the song into it.
04:03 The beloved intro. Background music was in this YouTube video and none of my robots can identify who its from. 
10:54 The pranks begin. Background music during the pranks is Haboglabotribin
34:13 Voicemails! Background music is the theme song from The Young and the Restless.
39:00 Here’s PLA Radio Episode 7. Personally I think the prank to James was a lot better than the one to Patrick.
50:16 The ending song is I Don’t Go To The Go Cup Places by Reefer Badness.

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