The Snow Plow Show Episode 725 – Pre Dwight Live Show

This past Saturday I did a 90 minute show right before Dwight went on the air. I mostly tried telling people to clean up all that shit in their yards, but the chatroom came up with wacky ideas too. This show is brought to you by five people who really love my show named DenmarkIsARealCountry, Synthead, MistaJohn, kristine!, and Fun Society Arcade.

00:00 A prank from episode 691 which happened earlier this year. Background music by MicroKORGI and Quickfireyt.

01:00 Show art by Kutay Komiks

05:50 Intro song by Joe Divita
07:33 The Intro. Background music is Dungeon 2 by Lily Ross
11:44 Saturday’s Live Show
01:12:00 Listen to Dwight’s show on YouTube and on Mixlr
01:12:32 Voicemails! Background music is Forest of Wonder by Philter
01:22:10 In Roy NM by Tempe Arizona

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2 thoughts on “The Snow Plow Show Episode 725 – Pre Dwight Live Show”

  1. (I made a mistake in the email I sent you oopps about the times)

    World of prank calls website

    Hi Brad, Would it be possible to add my show onto the list, I’m hoping to maybe do a show every second week on a Thursday.

    09:00 am to 11 am every second Thursday I think that’s the right time for pacific standard time.

    Here’s my Nobby Guy youtube which is the platform I’m going to use for it.

    (Nobby’s Locker) is the show name

    Many thanks

    Hoping to start around the 18 November and it will be a show every second Thursday. Once a fortnight so to say.

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