The Snow Plow Show Episode 813 – Ziggy’s Spy Shop

Today I’m letting store clerks know that I hid a wireless microphone near their register and not to touch it. Most of them don’t understand that I have a right to record audio in public spaces such as the Great Clips waiting area and hotel lobbies. This episode is lovingly gifted to us by Be-I-Eber-4life, K.C. Deeply, Hunts Point Hooker, Weeamoo, and Brown Magic.

00:00 Drop by IceCat

01:05 This call happened last year on Dragonmere’s show. The background music is by MicroKORGI and quickfireyt.

02:00 Show art by Nik Caesar from

03:36 The intro song is by Joe DiVita

04:56 Welcome to the show! The background music is by Lily Ross.

06:00 Here’s the Bandcamp URL for a vinyl PLA album and/or a 2023 PLA coin

7:00 The first news report

07:15 The second news report

08:00 Meetup this year in Chicago on September 9th and 10th! We’ll be at the VCF Midwest.

11:40 The prank calls begin!

01:12:49 The Voicemails. Background music is Scabies Baby by TY Cunningham.

01:18:29 Intro by Ghostrappy

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  1. Dummies. US FART (Freedom of Audio Recording Techniques) ACT of 2818. Widely known.

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